Officers & Commanders

Team AMVETS Department Officers are committed to serving those who have served. 

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Kevin Benson Sr.

Judge Advocate

Beverly Grabel

1st Vice Commander

Kyle Miles

Provost Marshal

Rodger Kerns

2nd Vice Commander

David Black

Jr. Past Commander

Enrique Rudino

Finance Officer

Dave Richey

Officer At Large A

David Cropper

NEC Person

Sandra Durbin

Officer At Large B

Terry McCarty

Alternate NEC Person

Mary White


Leonard Smith

Area Commanders

Northern Area

Lewis C. Derfuss III

Central Area

Robert Cadena

Southern Area

Richard Ramage

District Commanders

George Little
District 1 – Southern Area
John Trujillo
District 5 – Northern Area 
Tom Pietila
District 16 – Northern Area
Dennis Boyce
District 17 – Southern Area
Deborah Rembold
District 2 – Southern Area
Bill VanLeeuwen
District 6 – Central Area
Jesse Orta
District 13 – Northern Area
Alvie Thompson
District 3 – Central Area
District 7/9 – Southern Area
Gary Imhoff
District 14 – Northern Area

Helen Wong
District 4 – Northern Area

Michael Esposito
District 8 – Northern Area

Thomas Johnson
District 15 – Northern Area

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