About Us

AMVETS Makes a Difference for California Veterans

AMVETS is a veteran’s service organization that is distinctive for its open-door policy.  Eligibility for membership includes veterans from wars of all eras who received an honorable discharge, as well as current service members, including the National Guard and Reserves.  But is not limited to combat or war veterans.  Any person with an honorable discharge is welcome.  AMVETS has 10,000 members statewide.

Our programs for veterans and their surrounding communities include:

  • Free VA claims assistance to veterans, their dependents and survivors
  • Public policy advocacy related to employment and training, and mandatory funding for government-provided health care and other entitlement benefits
  • Hospitalized veterans’ visits and support
  • Patriotic community programs
  • Honor Flight
  • Standowns
  • Blood drives
  • Veterans Homes assistance
  • Military funeral and honor guard services
  • Homeless veterans and families of veterans support

As AMVETS meets the increasing and changing needs of the 21st century, we focus on preserving freedom, supporting America’s defenders and serving her communities. This remains our blueprint for continued service to God and country.

The unprecedented call to military service demanded by World War II led to a record number of returning war veterans in need of assistance and support. The group American Veterans (AMVETS) was formed to strengthen the national and local networks for millions of veterans.

The roots of AMVETS trace back to a gathering of 18 veterans in Kansas City, Missouri on December 10, 1944.  Naming themselves The American Vets of World War II, this group sought to provide more comprehensive assistance than currently available from the organizations run by veterans of earlier wars and those operating on college campuses during that time.

AMVETS Begins in California and Nationwide

Just three years after its launch, on July 23rd, 1947, AMVETS became the first World War II organization chartered by Congress when President Harry S. Truman signed Public Law 216.

By that time, California AMVETS had been established. On October 20, 1945, World War II National Commander Harold Keats signed a State Department Charter to officially recognize AMVETS Department of California.

Today, with approximately 10,000 members and just over 40 local Posts, AMVETS Department of California upholds its mission to serve at the forefront of community and veterans’ services for the state of California.