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August 1, 2016
The State Legislature returned from Summer Recess on August 1. Legislation that are still alive will begin to be heard in the Appropriations committees. August 12 is the last day for a bill to make it past the Appropriations committees. From August 15 until August 31 the bills that survived the fiscal committees will be heard on the floors of their respective houses.
This 30-day period of time gets very hectic because all surviving legislation is funneling through a few locations at once. Legislation can also be amended on the floor, special hearings can be heard off the floor with a moment’s notice, and bills can be gutted and amended to some entirely new subject. All of these proceedings must be carefully monitored.
Bills that pass through this process by August 31 will proceed to the Governor for his approval or veto. The Governor has until September 30 to complete this process. This period of time is also when lobbyists actively lobby and educate the Governor’s staff on the merits or negative aspects of the legislation on his desk.
To access all California legislation from 1999 to present; bill text, amendments, votes, analyses, and status; go to:
If you have any suggestions for new legislation for the 2017-18 legislative session, please contact me.
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For more information follow this link  AMVETS pending bill status Aug 1, 2016