2017-2018 Annual Department Awards – ALL Nominations must be received by Close of Business on May 31, 2018

It is approaching the time of year again for our State Convention and along with our State Convention comes the opportunity for our members to identify active Posts & active Members that have been promoting AMVETS up & down California or within their local area, in the past 12 months.

Please note that each Award category may be either a single Department award recipient or a North-Central-South award recipient, which means Nominations from each area must be submitted.  There are several opportunities for recognizing many Department members for their commitment and dedication towards promoting and branding the AMVETS name.

Please take the time to Nominate & recognize these various members to show we do care and to say Thank You.

• There must be 1-completed form submitted for each Nomination (only 1 nomination per form)
• When there is a North-Central-South award, please annotate which area the Nominee completed his/her dedicated work
• Note, that Post Membership-Recruitment Awards (Northern, Central, Southern areas) & Post Programs Reporting Awards (Event &Activity) (Northern, Central, Southern areas)
Awards do not require Nominations—the Department will obtain results through Data retrieval

ALL Nominations must be received by Close of Business on May 31, 2018

ALL Nominations will be presented to the Awards Committee for review and selection by the Department

Any questions regarding the Awards Program, please contact Smokey.  (559) 688-3407

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